Veins of the World

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Some extra occult options, and the background on Taldor. Check out the media library.

A Wonderful Taldan Village

Shadyelms is a small lumber-harvesting village on the northeast edge of the Verduran Forest, within the semi-autonomous prefecture led by Wispil. While most of the lumber of Taldor has been harvested in centuries past, and most of its current demand is met by the gnomes of Wispil, Shadyelms is one of the few villages still surviving on the harvest lumber from the edge of the forest. The Wildwood Lodge circle of druids checks in on the town every few years to ensure that Shadyelms has kept up it’s required lumber replanting to keep the forest healthy. Most of the exports of Shadyelms are food shipments to Wispil and other cities downriver.

There are maybe 500 citizens of Shadyelms, with about half again as many farmers in outlying farms. The town is lead by Subminister Vernal Shurb, a minor perfunctory in the Taldan Senate. Ser Boppin Glick is the current royal head of Wispil, and the representative of the only non-human noble family in Taldan circles. While other unbearded non-humans have been raised to royal status, only the Glicks have managed to capitalize on the position, and use it to create a lasting family dynasty of actual power.Shadyelms.png

Veins of the World: Character Creation Info

The town of Shadyelms has always been a peaceful viallage, save for the usual number of goblin raids one expects on the borders of civilization. Strong walls make for strong towns as the old saying goes. That was until a few months ago, when a few outlying farmers began to disappear, their mutilated corpses showing up days or weeks later at the edges of the forest for which the town is named. A week ago, the first disappearance inside the wall occured. Last night, the town guard finally killed one of the abductors. We almost wish he hadn’t. Whatever it is isn’t natural. It has the body of a wolf, and a hawk’s head. Not proportional mind you, the literal head of a hawk. Worse, somehow, it’s got two mismatched human arms attached to it’s shoulders. Old Kervy recognized the tattoo on one of them… Sure enough, it’s from one of the farmers we found a few weeks ago. Somebody is kidnapping people and using their parts to make monsters. We need brave heroes to put an end to this.

Character Creation Guidelines:
20 pt ability score buy
Level 1 characters
2 Traits (if not from Ultimate Campaign, please run it by me)
Allowed alignments: Non-evil
Allowed classes: Pretty flexible on this. No Advanced Class Guide classes without running them by me first. Occult Adventures is allowed.
Allowed Races: Prefer core races (as determined by the Advanced Race Guide). Other races allowed with prior approval.
200 starting gp of equipment

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